Standard of points for RUS (WCF) in English



The medium sized, slightly elongated cat has a medium solid, muscular body

with graceful stature and overall impression. The legs are long and slender, 

the paws are narrow and oval.

The tail is long and ends in a slightly rounded tip.



The head is of medium length, with a flat skull. The flat forehead and

the straight nose form a convex angle in profile at the level of the eye brows.

Ideally the forehead forms one third and, the nose two thirds of the profile.

The whisker pads are very pronounced, the chin is firm.



The ears are large and slightly pointed. They are slightly tilted forward and

set wide apart. The inner side is sparsely furnished, causing

the ears to appear thin and almost transparent.



The eyes are large and oval. They are set wide apart.

The colour is an intense green



The coat is short, silky and soft, standing away from the body.

The coat is double (undercoat and top coat of equal length) and therefore

appears to be very dense.


Colour    varieties       

Pure, even blue, with a distinct silver sheen (the tips of the hairs

have a silver tipping). A medium blue colour is preferred


Nose leather   Blue-grey


Paw pads       Lavender pink



* too deep set or protruding eyes

* any tendency to squint

* a close lying coat is a severe fault



Scale of points

Body25 points

Head30 points

Eyes10 points

Coat texture20 points

Coat colour and Tipping10 points

Condition5 points

Стандарт породы Русская голубая (WCF)

Редакция от 01.01.2010. Перевод с английского: Разумная С.В.

Среднего размера, слегка растянутое, мускулистое, телосложение средней крепости, общее впечатление грациозное. Нежная, стройная шея, длинные конечности, лапы небольшие, овальные. Хвост длинный, со слегка округлым кончиком.

Череп средней длины, плоский. В профиль плоский лоб и прямой нос образуют выпуклый угол на уровне бровей. Подушечки усов сильно подчеркнуты, подбородок сильный.

Большие, чуть заостренные. Поставлены широко, несколько наклонены вперед. Внутренняя сторона уха опушена слабо, так что уши кажутся тонкими и почти прозрачными.

Большие, овальные, широко расставленные. Цвет глаз – насыщенный зеленый.

Короткая, мягкой, шелковистой текстуры, отстоящая от тела. Двойная (подшерсток и покровный волос равной длины), поэтому кажется очень густой.

Чистый равномерный голубой с отчетливым серебристым отливом (кончики волос имеют серебристый типпинг). Предпочтителен средний тон голубого. Мочка носа серо-голубая. Подушечки лап лилово-розовые.

* Излишне глубоко посаженные или выпученные глаза

* Тенденция к косоглазию

* Прилегающая шерсть является серьезным недостатком.

Шкала оценок
Тело 25
Голова 30
Глаза 10
Текстура шерсти 20
Окрас шерсти и типпинг 10
Кондиция 5
Всего: 100

Великолепное пособие по GCCF стандарту

редакция Февраля 2013 г.

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Machika Ekaterina ("Katy"), one of the Annalova Mayakovskaya's daughters. She's just as pretty as her Mum!

 Thanks to Pat Hardy.


Annusia kittens (Stanley babies!)

Bred & owned by Anne Murray-Brooks. Photo: Marc Henrie


Bluebebop Scheherezade ("Cher").

Bred & owned Corinne Page.


Стандарт FIFe (редакция 01.01.2014)

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Стандарт LOOF (Франция)

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Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (источник информации тут)

Breed's standard Russian & Nebelung


All points: 100:


Head = 30 points

Shape = 10

Eyes = 10

Ears = 5

Neck = 5

Body = 30 points

Torso = 15

Legs = 5

Feet = 5

Tail = 5

Coat and colour = 40 points

Texture = 20

Colour = 20


Permissible colours Russian: blue, black, white Nebelung: blue

Categories: traditional

Divisions: solid

Colours: blue, black, white for the Russian; blue for the Nebelung

Permissible crosses Russian X Russian

Russian (blue only) X Nebelung

Nebelung X Nebelung

Russians are shy cats and like to be handled with care while being judged.

Head: the head is made of seven flat planes, which are:

from skull to forehead;

from forehead to tip of nose, which, from the side, shows a straight line;

from tip of nose to end of chin;

two symmetrical lines on each side of the muzzle;

two symmetrical lines formed by the high broad cheekbones.

Viewed in front, the head is a modified wedge, particularly wide at eye level. Muzzle: on the contrary, with its rounded contours, the muzzle is rather short, without pinch and ending triangle of the head. The slightly upturned corners of the mouth give him a sweet smiling expression.

Eyes: walnut shaped, the eyes are rather large and set wide apart. Eye colour is as vividly green as possible in adults.

Ears: as wide at base as tall, the ears are set at an ear-width. The outside is covered with short and fine hair while furnishings cover half inside ear.

Neck: long and slender, the neck

seems heavier than really is because of fur density.

Body: foreign-typed, the body is long and elegant. Well-muscled without any heaviness, it can appear more sturdy than truly is due to density of

coat, especially in the Nebelung. Boning is fine and musculature powerful. Legs: long and slim, the legs are proportionate to body.

Feet: small and relatively round.

Tail: rather thick at base, the tail is medium, long enough to reach shoulder blades. Russian: tail is tapering to a slender tip. Nebelung: tail is well-furnished.

Coat: Russian: short, fine and soft, the coat is double and dense

due to important undercoat. Nebelung: medium-long, the fur is made of a rather fine undercoat covered with thicker guard hairs. Males often display a nice ruff, more discrete in females. Britches are desirable as well as lynx tips at the back of the ears.

Colour: Blue: he coat has an even bright blue throughout, with a preference for lighter colour shades. Guard hair tipped with silver giving the

coat its bright, silvery sprinkled aspect. Nose leather is charcoal grey and paw pads are dark lilac.

White: the coat is white with silver sheen. Nose leather and paw pads are pink.

Black: the coat is bright jet black to roots. Nose leather and paw pads are black or dark brown.



Eye colour is green yellow in kittens.

Ghost tabby markings are accepted in kittens.

Some rings can stay at the end of the tail for a certain time. Nebelung: length of coat and undercoat density may vary with the seasons and a clearly short coat in summer should not be penalized in judgment.


Penalize Eye

 Сolour not completely green in adults.


With hold all awards

White spots or lockets. Yellow eyes. Oriental or cobby type. Flat coat. General show penalties and withholdings.

Я специально выделила эту фразу в этом стандарте.

В других стандартах такого не встретишь.


"Русские кошки застенчивы и любят, чтобы на судействе с ними обращались с осторожностью". Это еще раз характеризует особенность породы. Очень редко русаки любят шумное общество. Они очень ловки, с хорошо развитой мускулатурой, длинными конечностями. Поэтому - отлично прыгают и бегают. В любой момент, когда им наскучит общение с незнакомцами, или не будет нравится обращение с такой особой, как они, они могут легко сменить свое местонахождения и раствориться в пространстве. От них вполне можно ожидать молниеносного побега в более интересное и спокойное место.